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How to REALLY Meditate

How to REALLY Meditate

Last night a fellow student approached me about meditation.  He shared that he has been making the effort lately to sit, yet he couldn’t taste any results.  My answer seemed quite helpful to him, so I thought I’d share it here.

It should be known that this is all based upon my experience, not based upon the words of some book.  I had some deeply meditative periods of my life, and I thus I know the difference between “trying” to meditate, and “surrendering” into meditativeness.  Let my years of groping and discovering be of benefit to you.

You Can’t Rush the Process

Meditation is not an activity, it is a state of expanded consciousness.  Unlike an activity that can be rushed,  the state of meditativeness takes time to develop.

A useful metaphor offered by a mediation teacher to me is that one’s presence is like a river.  It takes many tributaries or streams to flow into a river to make it a great river.  The con