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From Andy Copeland: Sunday, May 20, 9:50pm EST:


I know everyone wants to know how Aimee is doing, so here’s the scoop:


Aimee is being Aimee. She’s cracking jokes, speaking frankly, displaying her usual early morning grumpiness and she has been off of the ventilator for over 10 hours. They are running an oxygen “mask” to her tracheostomy at an o2 level of only 35%, but the important thing is that she is getting zero breath per minute (bpm) assists. In other words, she is breathing completely on her own! How cool is that?


Bottom line: Aimee is doing great today. *insert crazy-grin-happy-face here*


Which brings me to this mythical “cone of silence” that we have supposedly retreated into.


The only cone I have ever retreated into is a cone of Pralines & Cream (triple scoop). Yeah, I could retreat into that cone for quite some time. Rest assured that I have not been eating Pralines & Cream for the past three days. Please allow me to explain my silence.


I have been gone from Snellville for two weeks now. Do you know how much mail piles up in two weeks? Now you can multiply that times ten for all the great cards and letters we have received from the public. The level of prayer and support has been phenomenal and we intend to read every card and send tha