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Subsidized Graduate Student Loans to End

Subsidized Graduate Student Loans to End

Congress decided to vote to cut the funding for the current subsidized student loans for graduate students.

All subsidized student loans will seize to be offered as of July 1, 2012, so this is your last year to get them.  The program has been placed on hold for a ten year period.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that while undergraduate Pell grants have been saved, the negotiating card by Obama for this victory was to give up on subsidized graduate student loans.

They report that “Mark Kantrowitz, a student-aid expert and publisher of, estimates that the average graduate borrower will pay an additional $7,000 in interest on federal student-loan debt.”

So where are all of our students who have taken Chris Aanstoos’ Psychology of the 60s class?  Isn’t this the time that Chris prepared you to protest?

Ah, the apathy of 2011.

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