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Clinical courses and practicums are available for masters and doctoral students.   The masters program has two tracks- the theoretical/research thesis track and the clinical track.  Masters students can select one or both.  However, as mentioned below in point 2, there is a separate application process required of the clinical track.

Our doctoral program is not a clinical program.  Its entire emphasis is on theoretical and qualitative research dissertations.  Some of our doctoral students are LPCs (Licensed Professional Counselors) in Georgia.  And, we have two students, that I am aware of, who hope to fulfill their LPC requirements while engaged with their doctoral work, however that is not encouraged (but not officially frowned upon either).

Some things to know about the clinical track:

1. Any graduate student in the department can register for any of the clinical courses.  They are all masters-level courses, so they will not count towards the 60 hours towards a doctorate.

2. There is an application process to get clinical supervision from our faculty.  You can only apply after you are an active student in one of our graduate programs.  Therefore,  you CANNOT enter UWG Psychology with the expectation that the department will help you fulfill the practicum requirements for the LPC.

3.  Doctoral students who want to have clinical courses count towards their 60 hours so that they can simultaneously earn a PhD and prepare for LPC licensure may be able to take doctoral counseling courses within the Department of Education.  However, by doing this they will not get any assistance on the practicum by Psychology faculty as our faculty only supervises students that they have taught.


Some masters students have put together a website to help answer questions about the Master’s “Humanistic Praxis Certificate” which is designed to meet or exceed the course requirements necessary to apply for the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) designation in the state of Georgia.

Their website is here:!

Any additional questions can be brought to department head Dr. Don Rice, or to clinical faculty Dr. Larry Schor and Dr. Mark Kunkel.