The Unofficial Student Site

About This Site

Welcome to this unofficial, student-led website for the University of West Georgia Psychology Department.

This site has been designed so that students have unlimited opportunities to contribute to this site’s development.   As they say, “freedom of the press belongs to he who owns the press,” and in this case it is us!

Some highlights of this site:

  • Articles: lots of interesting content on the department, faculty, students, psychology, and society.
  • Videos: interviews of students and faculty, as well as other original video content.
  • Knowledge Base: let’s work together to build a solid knowledge base.  Pages can be on people, concepts, organizations, conferences, research methods, etc.  This uses wiki technology, so that anyone can modify and expand on the words of others.
  • Calendars: there are two Google Calendar feeds on this site, which makes it just a touch of a button to save events to your Google Calendar.  One of the Calendars is for the entire department, the other is specifically for doctoral students.  It is recommended that doctoral students follow both.  The calendars are cached (in the name of speed), so new postings will take a couple hours before they show.  Click through to the calendars, add them to your regular Google Calendar or iCal (Apple) Calendar, and you will get all new events automatically on your personal calendar.  Anyone in the community can add events to our “public” calendar.
  • “Feed from other sites”: tap into the admin’s shared items on Google Reader.  These are typically psychology articles and videos, sometimes academic, sometimes popular.

The creation, operating costs, and administration of the site will be partially off-set through affiliate revenue (if you all lend a hand, that is).  If you buy your books online, and find that Abe’s Books, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble fulfill your needs, then please do come to our site and click-through on that link EVERY time you buy.  You will be charged no extra, and a couple of percent of your purchasing will go to meet operating costs.  In fact, all purchases on Amazon in any category will contribute towards our overhead, so please do use it when you make an Amazon purchases.  If you feel especially generous, pass this site’s link on to friends and family, and ask them to make purchases here too.  If we get enough revenue to cover our expenses, the remainder will go towards department activities or events.

The success of this site as a portal to our UWG Psychology world is now in your hands.  Please do contribute, and help make this site the indispensable tool that it was meant to be.


Ken Lewis

PhD Student  & Admin