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UWG Doctoral student Jon Skalski has been actively researching change with one of his former professors, Sam Hardy, at his alma mater BYU.

Today this article was posted in BYU News on the research:  Psychologists: Scrooge’s transformation parallels real life-changing experiences

It discusses the process of transformation with Scrooge as reference.

The research will appear in the January issue of The Humanistic Psychologist.

Each of the study participants experienced overwhelming stress prior to their breakthrough. Hardy, an expert in human development, wonders whether hitting rock bottom is a necessary ingredient for such positive transformations.

“That led me to think, well, is there a way that people can capitalize on these mechanisms of change and initiate them themselves instead of bottoming out,” Hardy said. “Can you self-initiate this kind of change?”

Skalski shares: “We all know deep down inside that human beings can and do change in profound and significant ways.”

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