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JSTOR Offers Open Access as Crusader Takes His Life

JSTOR Offers Open Access as Crusader Takes His Life

Academia has just become more relevant and approachable as JSTOR announced that the archives of 1,200+ academic journals are now available for free reading by the public.

Anyone, including non-academics, can  now sign-up for a JSTOR account.   Non-academic accounts allow access to three articles per every two week period.

JSTOR is available here.

This is largely the result of the battle of the awareness efforts made by 26 year old Aaron Swartz, who recently ended his own life, according to this New York Times article.

More about Aaron available on his personal site and Wikipedia.   His life was one of a modern day digital Robbin Hood fighting the injustices and greed of the big and always serving justice for the people.  He was a brilliant programmer and social activist.   He will be personally missed by many, and the world will be worse off without him here.



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