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Shamanism Expert Visits UWG

Shamanism Expert Visits UWG

Steven Schmitz, Ph.D., Co-President of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology, will lecture at 3:30p Thursday, Jan 17th in Melson 218.

“The Therapeutic Benefits of the Shamanic Journey”

Does the ancient spiritual practice of the shamanic journey have therapeutic value for 21st Century clients? Dr. Schmitz will offer a brief overview of the history of shamanism and its current resurgence. He will then present the findings from his research on the shamanic journey and share stories of healing and transformation for the participants. Time will be provided for questions and answers.

Immediately following with be a conversation with Steven on collaboration and the future of Transpersonal Psychology.

Steven Schmitz, Ph.D., is an adjunct professor in the Sofia University (California, USA) Global Ph.D. Program, and teaches at transpersonal institutes in Italy, Switzerland, and Estonia. Dr. Schmitz, initiated into shamanic practice in 1974, has a private practice of transpersonal counseling and shamanic healing. He is Co-President of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology and a Board Member of the European Transpersonal Association.

Steven is in town for a workshop in Newnan, GA.  For more information on it, see here.

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